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In the Miami condo boom, some veterans see reminders of recent bust

The good times may be rolling again for South Florida’s real estate industry, but survivors of the last bust warned Tuesday that there may be too much exuberance over the latest boom. Panelists gathered for a real estate forum at a luxury hotel ticked off a series of cautionary notes that harkened back to the […]

Non-U.S. Citizens Should Take Note Of Changes To Homestead Exemption in Florida

Under the Florida Constitution, certain owners of real property in the state are entitled to a reduction in the assessed value of their property for ad valorem/property tax purposes. This reduction, called the “homestead exemption,” is available to all property owners who maintain Florida real property as either the permanent residence of the owner or […]

Le visa EB-5, la carte verte des investisseurs aux USA

Comment devenir un résident américain en investissant dans un Centre Régional. 500.000$… C’est la somme d’argent qu’il vous faut investir dans un Centre Régional aux Etats-Unis pour obtenir un visa EB-5. Peu médiatisé, le visa EB-5 gagne pourtant à être connu, car il permet à son détenteur d’obtenir une carte verte « conditionnelle » après 1 an, […]

Miami, A condo bubble or not?

Condo developers are adamant that the final results of their building frenzy in South Florida — more than 160 towers already, and more to come — will end differently this time around. The developers confidently proclaim that they have studied, and learned from, the mistakes of the 2007 real estate crash, despite the tri-county region’s […]

South Florida , Miami home prices and sales rose in September

Juiced by foreign buyers and investors, South Florida’s housing market registered strong gains in September. The latest price and sales increases — mirroring a string of similar results in prior months — underscore a solid housing recovery for a region hard-hit by the real estate crash. The median price of a single-family home in Miami-Dade […]

Miami’s 20,000 new condo units try for Manhattan prices

Miami is beginning to look like Manhattan, at least in terms of what buyers are willing to shell out for a square foot of prime real estate. In New York, the average per-square-foot price for a new luxury condo ranges from the high $2,000s to the low $3,000s. The Magic City is still cheaper at […]

Record-high commissions pump up SoFla preconstruction condo market ????

Speculative purchasing dominates in the South Florida preconstruction condo market, given the lack of verifiable facts regarding prices, sales contracts, and construction schedules that are readily available to buyers when making presale decisions. It is against this backdrop that opinion is growing that South Florida’s newest preconstruction condo boom – which stands at 171 proposed […]